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Are you in the process of buying or selling a property and feeling overwhelmed by the task of finding the right realtor? Look no further! My mission is to help you connect with the perfect real estate agent who understands your unique needs, knows the local market, and can guide you through a smooth and successful transaction.

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Marianne Holt, Licensed Real Estate Agent with United Real Estate.

For Homeowners/Homebuyers:

"As a seasoned real estate professional, I'm dedicated to empowering homeowners and aspiring buyers. Through social media, blogs, videos, podcasts, and my website, I offer valuable resources and insights. Got questions or need guidance? Feel free to reach out—I'm here to provide the answers you seek."

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"Planning a move within the next 6 months? Look no further! Leveraging the United Relocation and Referral Network, I'll connect you with trusted realtors and lenders across the United States. Additionally, our partnership with Homekeepr ensures access to complimentary concierge services worth $39.95 when you sign up through us. Expert guidance and valuable connections await your relocation journey."

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United Real Estate

United Real Estate is a prominent real estate franchise in the United States, operating a network of independently owned residential and commercial offices. Established in 2011, it offers comprehensive real estate services, emphasizing technology, marketing support, and training for agents to excel in serving buyers, sellers, investors, and professionals. United Real Estate is part of the United Real Estate Group, committed to innovation and staying ahead in the dynamic real estate market.

What We Do

  • We connect you with reputable and vetted realtors and lenders across the United States.

  • We have access to a nationwide network of experienced professionals.

  • We provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Why We Do It

I'm passionate about providing you with more than just a connection to a realtor. Your needs and dreams are my top priority. That's why I take the time to understand what you're looking for before making any introductions. My aim is to find you not just any real estate agent, but the perfect fit—one who aligns with your unique preferences and goals. Together, let's make your real estate journey personalized, stress-free, and ultimately, successful.

Job Opportunities:

A significant factor for relocation is career advancement or job-related opportunities. People often move to pursue better job prospects, new career paths, higher salaries, or to be closer to a specific job market or industry hub.

Why some people consider relocation

Quality of Life

Seeking an improved quality of life is another prevalent reason for relocation. This could include factors such as better climate, lower cost of living, improved amenities, access to healthcare, safety, education, or a desire for a more relaxed or vibrant lifestyle.

Family and Relationships

Changes in family dynamics, such as starting a family, being closer to relatives, or moving away from a particular location due to family reasons, often prompt relocations. Relationships, whether for personal or social reasons, can be a significant motivator for moving to a new place.

Clients’ Reviews

Marianne Holt was an amazing Realtor to work with. Very attentive to detail. Mentored me throughout the entire process. Patient & very professional. I couldn't have done this with anybody better than her! I will be recommending her to anybody interested in purchasing a home!!

Image of my client closing on her first home

Jessica R
September 1

Ms. Marianne Holt, was an amazing Realtor. She is all about her business and helping her customers. She works at a fast pace but also does not rush the process. She made sure she knew what I wanted in the home and also which areas I wanted to live in. So she helped make my decisions a little easier. 100% would refer her again and again and again!

Vivian M.
October 4

Marianne was a pivotal piece in myself and my husband's home buying experience. With the process it took to move into our home, it felt like a snap of the finger. She is very knowledgeable with the home buying field and holds her working relationships with other realtors and lenders with pride. She made our home purchasing experience a task with ease, feeling no pressure but real advise on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Marianne #Noregrets

Annie T
June 20

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